While the rising statistics of the coronavirus are scaring people but the number of people recovering from this disease is also giving morale to everyone. To fight this, while the best work is being done by the central government and state governments of the country, apart from government efforts, many efforts are being made in this direction. In this situation, young entrepreneurs of the country are coming forward and making their significant contributions. One of such young entrepreneurs is Mr.BhupinderMadaan, who is bringing essential things to the needy people through his Madaan Foundation, during this epidemic.

Madan Foundation offers essential supplies to corona impacted areas

The Madaan Foundation is moving forward and distributing food, essential goods to the needy and PPE to the warriors of COVID-19 in various hospitals. There are a large number of laborers living in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, Looking at their problem, they provided sheets, blankets and food for 20 days. In the fight with COVID-19, cleanliness, social-distance and correct information is an effective weapon.

In the context of his initiative, Mr.BhupinderMadaan, the founder of Madaan Foundation said, “Through our initiative, we are trying to provide food and relief material to the needy people. So we have set up some centers in Tirupur and Delhi from where we are doing the work of public service. Along with this, we have also issued some helpline numbers so that the needy can directly take help from us.”