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Deccan Chronicle Book Review
Deccan Chronicle Book Review

Chennai, 2021: Author A T Rajkumar’s new book launch, Mind It was launched in a virtual book launch event organized by one of the best PR agency in Chennai “Chennai Public Relations” on 23-March-2021. This book discuss the importance of achieving a calm , realized mind irrespective of anything in worldly life , mind realizations and overcoming of negativity , depression, emotional disturbances, anxiety, stress and all mind related issues. The Tamil version of this book, which has been translated into Tamil under the title Maname Nee Unarnthidu, was also released at the event. Hundreds of readers attended the book launch virtual event

Author A T Rajkumar launched his new book and said, “You had fulfilled all these materialistic, desire based things from school to marriage to car to house. But still you feel unsatisfied somewhere sometimes, what’s the reason for this? While achieving all these you would have undergone lot of negativity, depression, anxiety, stress etc. You had overcome and achieved it.  But still you will carry a fear of whether you will get back all that in the rest of your lives…This is the reason at any point of time humans have fear& are unsatisfied in their lives. By becoming a Swamiji you can have a calm mind – life throughout irrespective of anything.

But the essence of human life is to have families, attachments, expectations emotions.   So we need to arrive at the ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF LIFE, that is to live with families, emotions, attachments, desires, but still have an undisturbed mind simultaneously. In this book we have explained at various places how to achieve that mind.

Overcoming of depression, suicidal tendencies, negativity, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, over thinking, jealousy possessiveness, inhibitions, social Media Phobia, emotional disturbances, bad habits, ego are explained. How to be without  expectations, how to be non reactive to unnecessary things , how to control emotions,  how prayers & beliefs in almighty works , law of attraction , “balancing the happiness and suffering to be calm throughout” are all explained well in this book. Most importantly 2 mantras to rule this world are explained in this book. Force yourself to get focused in the present and blanking the unnecessary negative thoughts are very well explained.  if you are able to master these two techniques, you are the king of this world. Both Tamil version and English versions are available. You can get these books through whatsapp, phone, email, and in online through Amazon& flipkart”.

Mr. Rajkumar, a Chennai-based mental health specialist, has been imparting training for hundreds of people on a variety of healthy life solutions through his website, It’s Only Mind, such as meditation training, kriya training, mental techniques, mindfulness training, and calm mindfulness training. For more information, call 9841023962

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