Back to Work, Health Checkup Package by Medall

Chennai, 2020: With the corporate and manufacturing sector set to buzz again and as the workforce prepare to get back to their workplaces, organizations with a large workforce want to make sure their employees are all healthy and infection-free. In the backdrop of this, Medall Diagnostics, India’s leading integrated diagnostic services provider has launched the “Back to Workhealth check-up package to assess the workforce for their health condition and if the employees are free from any infections/illness.

The “Back to Work” package serves as the first step in ascertaining the health condition of an individual and evaluating his/her preparedness to be back at their workplaces. Suitable for office and factory workforce personnel and even for individuals alike, the package has four checks-ups – temperature; complete blood count (CBC) with Neutrophil, and Lymphocyte ratio (NLR); SpO2 and C – Reactive Protein (CRP). This is backed by continuous evaluation of these parameters, a robust teleconsultation platform, and where required an RT-PCR test. 

Speaking about the launch of the new package, Arjun Ananth, CEO, Medall, says, “At Medall, we take it upon ourselves as our responsibility to be at the forefront of preventive health. Like any screening of this nature, it is important that employers continue to test for temperature and oxygenation every day.  The test for infections should be on a continuous basis as infections could arise anytime. Continuous teleconsultation with doctors is a must.  This virus is constantly evolving and in case of any contact or the slightest doubt, an RT PCR is the gold standard. We set up a program for employers and work continuously with them. Overall wellness of employees should be the centerpiece of discussions and we will play a proactive role in this.  It is important that everyone thinks beyond one’s self”.

Temperature is the first indicator of a body’s defensive response to fight infection and a significant indicator of COVID symptoms. The   CBC is a hematology test that enumerates red cells, white cells, and platelets. Any infection shows changes in the count of total leukocytes (white blood cells) with altered neutrophils to lymphocytes ratio. The ratio goes up in infected individuals. SpO2 is a measure of oxygen saturation in the blood. This can be easily measured using pulse oximeters. Lung Infections alter the lung function and cause changes in blood oxygen saturation levels. CRP is an acute-phase reactant protein, which is a potential inflammatory marker. Can be used to identify any internal inflammation or tissue damage.

The results for each of the parameters are categorized into red, amber, and green with red being advised to consult a doctor immediately; amber prescribes repetition of tests after 2 days and green certifies employees can resume work. Red is not intended to create panic. Regardless of the color, continuous monitoring and teleconsultations are important. Medical history forms are also scrutinized along with the lab parameters.

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