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Often the people who wants to organize a press conference tend to have more doubts such as how to organize a press conference, how to invite the journalists to the event, how to to coordinate with the media persons, how to convert the press note in to media coverages. Since the people have the press conference requirement once or twice in a year, they may not aware of the ongoing media movements & updates. In such scenario’s a public relations expert plays a vital role, because a PR person frequently organize press conference and keep every updates about the media in handy.

The press conference plays a major role to inform the target audience about important information. One or few spokes persons may participate the press conference and present their views in detail to the media. By discussing directly with the media, they can articulate the informations they want to convey in detail and clearly. Press conferences are also used to answer the diverse questions of journalists, dispel any doubts that the public may have and to stimulate their desire.

Compared to other types of advertising strategies, press conferences are more economical. It is also capable of popularizing you in various media such as daily newspapers, television and social media. Your messages reach a large number of target audiences at once as all media outlets publish your news at the same time.

How to organize a press conference

How to organize a Press Conference:

  1. Venue: Choosing a venue that is easily accessible to all media companies can be of great benefit. Press conferences that take place on the outskirts of the city are often unsuccessful. Further, the press conference venue should ensure that the necessary seating facilities, stage, stage backdrops, sound and light facilities are available without any hindrance. To place your photos clearly in the media, it is very important to use the right lighting facilities.
  2. Time: It is imperative that the press conference begin at the announced time. In today’s hectic world, the media is always busy and have a workload. Some journalists are more likely to miss the press conference because of the delay in press conference. The best time for a press conference is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Thursday is the right days to organize a press conference.
  3. Duration: A press conference that lasts about 40 to 50 minutes will pay off. 30 minutes to share your informations, allow 10 to 15 minutes for media questions. Long press conferences can be a source of tiredness for journalists, and important information is likely to be diluted. Therefore, it is very important to summarize the ideas to be said.
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