Media Interview

Media interview is the process of a journalist contacting someone in person, by phone, or by letter, asking for details. Interviews are used to create public opinion about a particular subject. Interviews are used to explain the findings and plans of the country. The interview serves as a bridge between the interviewed person and the readers. The questions that are asked in the interview are the ones that are asked in order to get the information about you or your institution. Media one on one interviews are often organized to know the details of some ongoing events, the events going to happen and to express the personality and uniqueness of leaders, artists, industrialists, professionals, success people and scholars. When the words and deeds of the interviewer are published with photographs, it gives the opportunity to get a tasty article.

How to organize a Media Interview (One on One Interview):

  1. Contact the interviewer for approval and note the location, time, etc.
  2. Plan for the interview.
  3. Be familiar with the subject matter of the interview
  4. Ensure the right body language
  5. Ensure the right venue with good ambience.
How to organize a One on One Media Interveiw