Press Release Distribution

Press releases help to convey authentic information to the target audience. The transformation of a press note into news in media depends on the merit of the content. It is very important that a press release is set up in a way that readers will like. A press release should contain various important informations such as headline, detailed subject, spokes persons detail and company background.

When writing a press release it is important to mention the basic things like who says that message, what they say and why that message is necessary. The key step in getting media coverages is to make sure that the press release reaches the right people. For example, if a reporter who writes about politics is sent a sports press release, he cannot upload it as news. This is where the expertise of the public relations officer comes into play. It is therefore possible to receive good news coverages successfully by sending press releases through the Public Relations specialist.

The press conference plays a major role to inform the target audience about important information. One or few spokes persons may participate the press conference and present their views in detail to the media. By discussing directly with the media, they can articulate the informations they want to convey in detail and clearly. Press conferences are also used to answer the diverse questions of journalists, dispel any doubts that the public may have and to stimulate their desire.

Compared to other types of advertising strategies, press conferences are more economical. It is also capable of popularizing you in various media such as daily newspapers, television and social media. Your messages reach a large number of target audiences at once as all media outlets publish your news at the same time.

How to write a press release

Best way to organize a press release:

  1. Headline: It is important to set your headline in a way that is understandable to your target audience in just two lines. The title should describe the overall essence of the message in two lines.
  2. Introduction: A press release should include the benefits of this message, t he reason for announcing this message, spokes person quote with a brief about the company or institution.
  3. Spokes Person Quote: Spokes person should highlight how important this message is in today’s context, the need of the press release and its interests.
  4. Background: Detailed brief about the person or the company isuing the press release is required.