Pabhu Shri Ram, a leading FMCG Company has launched 100 premium agarbattis in a year

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PS Agarbattis Product Launch Chennai
PS Agarbattis Product Launch Chennai

Chennai, 2021: Prabhu Shree Ram, a leading fmcg company in premium agarbatti brand, has launched over 100 premium agarbattis in the last one year. The adverse effects of lockdown due to the Corona epidemic were visible across all industries and businesses. At such a time a new brand was launched in August 2020, in the FMCG segment that successfully expanded its market. The achievement of this brand is that in such a short span of time the premium incense stick has a product range of more than 100 products in the country.

The quality of Prabhu Shri Ram incense sticks is very much liked by the people of the country. Today, owing to its nation-wide network the brand is easily available across the country.  As the brand is just associated with Aastha, it added a range of premium perfumes to its array of premium products what simply denotes its foray into lifestyle MFCG segment. With an aggressive marketing strategy and manufacturing of premium quality products, the company is establishing a strong identity in this segment.

Speaking about the success of Prabhu Shree Ram brand, its CEO & Founder Prashant Kumar says, “We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of Prabhu Shree Ram incense sticks and dhoop. We make sure that customers get great product at affordable price. Popularity of the brand is quite evident in smaller towns as well and we are working out a new strategy to meet this demand.”

 “Agarbatti industry has emerged as a profitable industry even during the Corona period. The incense and agarbatti industry is growing at the rate of 6 percent per year. At the same time, to promote indigenous incense stick production, the import duty on the raw materials and products used in it is increased from 10 percent to 25 percent by the government. Here the positive effects of the efforts of the government are quite visible. Currently, the total turnover of this industry is about Rs. 7500-8000 crores. We will further increase our stake in this business by launching new products.”  He further added.

About Prabhu Shri Ram Brand: Prabhu Shree Ram Agarbatti and Dhoop is a brand of Mode Retail Sales & Marketing Pvt Ltd. This brand in the FMCG segment was launched in August 2020. This Noida-based start-up has managed to register its strong presence in the agarbatti market in just one year. Meanwhile, the brand has developed a strong network of retailers and dealers across the country. Today, the company has 2 lakh retailers and 4000 distributors in its distribution network. Today, the company has more than 100 incense stick variants available in natural fragrance segment.

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