IIT Madras gets Autoclave for its Department of Aerospace.


Chennai, October, 2022: IIT Madras gets state of the art equipment – Autoclave for its Aerospace division which is a critical equipment that is involved in the research of fiber composites.

This equipment controls Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum in multiple cycles which is controlled by an advanced software. This gives the potential for students to experiment with multiple fiber composites and come up with innovative methods& process for research in aerospace.

The Chairman of KRR Engineering Private Limited Mr. K R Ramaswamy today handed over this equipment to IIT Madras in the presence of National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) – Senior Scientist Dr. J Ramaswamy Setty. Dr. Velmurugan of IIT Madras–Department of Aerospace accepted the equipment and made it available to the students of the division.

KRR is the first indigenous manufacturer of autoclaves which was initially imported earlier. The technology of this is 100% indigenous which is developed by National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) and technology transfer was completed successfully to KRR in the year 2018 and who currently handling the Marketing & Manufacturing of autoclave.

This marks a milestone in the manufacturing capability of aerospace grade autoclave in India.

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