EQ India Participates Beach Cleanup Drive on International Coastal Cleanup Day

EQ India, the India offshore arm of the UK-headquartered shareholder management fintech company, EQ, actively participated in India’s largest beach cleanup drive in Chennai to mark International Coastal Cleanup Day on September 16. The initiative was a joint effort of CommuniTREE, a Chennai-based NGO, in collaboration with the Greater Chennai Corporation, the forest department, the Coast Guard, and the Union Ministry of Sciences. The drive encompassed major beaches in Chennai, including the renowned Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach, Thiruvanmiyur Beach, and Kovalam Beach.

Over 100 dedicated volunteers from EQ India engaged in the day-long cleanup drive, resulting in the collection of an impressive 165.5 kg of waste from the city’s beaches. This strong show of support aligns with EQ India’s commitment to social responsibility and its efforts to generate a positive impact on society. In addition to actively cleaning the beaches, EQ volunteers conducted awareness walks, spreading the message about the damaging effects of littering and advocating for cleaner and litter-free beaches.

Mr. Anand Ramakrishnan, Managing Director of Equiniti India, said, “The pressing issue across the world is climate change and sustainability of our planet. Being a responsible corporate, EQ India wishes to contribute in every manner in making our planet green and theInternational Coastal Clean-up Day is one such effort. We thank the organizers of the event and welcome more such initiatives. The EQ India promise is to be an active participant in such sustainability initiatives. .”

International Coastal Cleanup Day is the world’s biggest effort to clean the oceans and beaches for a better and healthier environment. The event is observed on the third Saturday of September each year and mobilizes volunteers globally to clean beaches and raise awareness about the harmful impacts of plastic pollution in oceans. Research indicates an alarming presence of 46,000 pieces of plastic debris in every mile of the ocean, posing a severe threat to marine life and the ecosystem.

Ramanujam M.S. Director, IT, EQ India, said, “Not just the aquatic world, the effects of plastic in the ocean are showing its effect on human life as well with microplastics being found in food, water and even human blood. To avoid the disastrous consequences of plastic pollution on aquatic and human life, we need to take immediate measures towards a plastic-free world. EQ India not only encourages sustainable and environment-friendly operations within the organization but also tries to create a positive impact in the society as well.”

Hafiz Khan, Urban Forest Creator, Climate Healer & Social Impact Leader, said, “The very existence of this planet depends on the oceans and hence it is our responsibility to preserve it. The ailing issue of plastic littering is having a major impact on the marine ecosystem which will eventually snowball into human life as well. We take pride in being a part of this endeavor and will continue to adopt and spread the message of plastic-free beaches.”

The beach cleanup initiative primarily aimed at restoring the beaches by preventing the inflow of garbage into the ocean, thus safeguarding marine life. The broader mission sought to collect approximately 160tons of plastic waste from Chennai beaches with the participation of around 14,000+ volunteers.

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