DNA based self-discovery product GenDiscover Launched

Chennai, July 2022: World’s first DNA based self-discovery product GenDiscover Launched GenDiscover is poised to shake up the career management and skilling ecosystem in the country. It is the first and only product that caters to the entire journey, right from self-discovery to skilling and employability, while addressing student needs such as course selection, test preparation, scholarships and prospective employee connect.  GenDiscover provides complete assessment through what it calls a combination of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’. It combines genomic testing to determine the genetic predisposition and inherent traits of an individual, with psychometrics to capture the impact of environment on personality. It also takes into account empirical evidence of cognitive astromancy to decode natal strengths. A data driven approach transforms insights from all of these three pillars to provide a holistic assessment to students and professionals, guide them to a career path and help them upskill and re-skill in areas aligned to their personality and strengths. GenDiscover comes with an insights / video counselling session conducted by certified coaches who are able to demystify the results and give personalised guidance.

Sachin Sandhir, Founder and CEO, GENLEAP, while sharing his vision for the product said, “With GenDiscover, our goal is to channelise individuals towards careers and jobs more aligned to their inherent and current personality and other traits. This will help increase productivity in workplace and lead to more fulfilled professional lives.Students and professionals often end up with wrong career choices which adds up to the issue of employability. GENLEAP aims to change a billion lives  and help create a work-ready India with students and professionals that are skilled not just relevant to the demand of reinvented workplaces and ecosystems but also in alignment to their aptitude and innate talents.”

Nimish Gupta, Founder and Co-CEO of GENLEAP further explained, “At GENLEAP, we leverage advanced technologies to power our assessments, juxtaposed with the individual’s current interests and professional disposition. Our users could be at any stage of their lives – from early school goers to mid and senior professionals. Our unique model is backed by proven sciences and credible partners and we are looking at a future where this could be integrated in career management and skilling platforms across schools, institutions and organizations so that it is accessible to all.”

GENLEAP will soon be announcing acquisitions of several EdTech platforms across the skills and employability lifecycle. These include a career counselling study abroad platform, a scholarships platform, a test-prep platform, a school admissions platform and even a Neo Bank which helps students with financial skills and money management.GENLEAP is also building a digital community for students. The company aims to impact the lives of 10 million customers over the next 10 years. GENLEAP will be eying the global space next and is looking at revenues of 20,000 crores in 10 years and a valuation in excess of 300,000 crores in addition to making  a large social impact.


Headquartered in Gurugram, India, GENLEAP, an Edtech startup, is a DNA-based self-discovery, upskilling, and employability platform. GENLEAP is an enabler and a vibrant marketplace for matching the next generation of talent, using its unique self-discovery triangulating Genomics, psychometrics and cognitive astromancy.

The next generation of talent is matched to the future of jobs and employers by harnessing an ecosystem of skilling partners. GENLEAP helps people develop themselves in targeted areas (careers/hobbies/life skills) by bringing together an ecosystem of EdTech/career tech players.The startup uses insights from self-discovery to connect aspirants to an ecosystem of schools, colleges, EdTech and career tech platforms, and finally, employers – channelizing the right talent with relevant upskilling to make them happy and efficient people.

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