MAPL Nawab brand attains No 1 status in South Tamil Nadu

MAPL Press Conference Image
MAPL Press Conference Image

Manchukonda Agrotech Pvt Ltd (MAPL) today announced that its Nawab brand of Akshaya Ponni rice has achieved a significant milestone in South Tamilnadu. Within three years of its launch, it has attained the No 1 status and is the preferred brand by thousands of families across South Tamilnadu. Manchukonda has delivered over 1 lakh tons of Rice to the people of South Tamilnadu. In fact, Manchukonda was the first Rice Miller entity to produce this quality of Boiled Rice in Tamilnadu. Chennai Public Relations, a leading consumer goods sector PR agency has organized a press conference in Madurai.

Manchukonda is now increasing its production capacity from 200 tonnes a day to 350 tonnes a day and has drawn up plans to expand its reach across the State of Tamilnadu. Over the next few weeks, Manchukonda will be launching the Nawab brand in Chennai and other parts of North Tamilnadu.

Manchukonda’s high tech Paddy milling plant in Raichur, Karnataka is one of the largest of such plants in South India and fully caters to the requirements of the people of Tamilnadu. Manchukonda Agrotech Pvt Ltd uses the latest and advanced automated rice milling and processing technologies and the rice mill utilises Satake Sortex machinery from Japan  which packs only the finest grains.

Akshaya Ponni boiled rice is a range of rice cultivated in the southern part of India. It is the parboiled rice which is steamed before the milling process and is semi boiled in the rusk. The parboiling process retains the nutrients which are usually lost during the refining process. Akshaya Ponni boiled rice is highly beneficial and is a rich source of Iron and Calcium. It has fewer calories, fewer carbohydrates, more fibre and more protein as compared to White Rice and hence is a healthier alternative to White Rice.

Manchukonda believes that the growing health awareness among people
and the need for healthy food products offers a huge opportunity for further growth of the Nawab brand of Akshaya Ponni Rice.

Because of our processing methodology, the Rice is softer and lengthier and is also more nutritious. Plus the yield , post cooking is 1.5 times of New rice.

Speaking at the Press Conference Mr Manchukonda Chakravarthy, CEO of the Company revealed that they would be expanding their product range and will be launching Pulses, Sugar and Basmati Rice during the course of the year.

Nawab brand is available in 25,10&5kg BOPP bags.

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